Mom’s Hospital Bag

Product Information

– birth plan
– pillow
– birthing ball
– books on birthing
– notes on breastfeeding
– water spray
– music

1x large t-shirt for labour
2x bight dresses
1x slippers
1x gown
2x towels
3x feeding bras
1x feeding t-shirt
6x disposable panties
1x home-time clothes
2x socks
4x cotton panties

1x toiletry bag
1x hairbrush
1x clips
1x hair elastics
3x face cloths
1x box of breast pads
1x nipple cream
1x nipple shields
2x packets maternity pads
1x tissue oil
1x baby powder
1x toothpaste and toothbrush
1x lipice
1x rescue remedy drops
1x mirror
1x tissues

4x fruit juice
2x glucose sweets
2x energy drinks
1x water bottle with straws

– camera and batteries
– video camera and batteries
– plastic bags for laundry
– cellphone
– list of family and friends to call and sms after the birth
– cord stem cell pack
– stationary
– diary

Happy shopping and packing!