Urban Cot

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UV 212 1372l x 732w x 850h

Product Information

3 adjustable heights
duco sprayed with lead-free paint (colour to be specified on order)
converts to toddler bed

The cot is always on the top of every new moms wish list for her babies nursery and there are such wide variety of cots on the market to choose from!
It is however important to make an informed decision on which cot to chose.
The cot has to be designed according to SABS regulations, and has to be sprayed with lead-free paint.

A few reasons why it is a good idea to invest in a well designed cot for your baby:-

– it is a safe place to leave baby when he is asleep, this way you’ll be able to attend to other chores whilst leaving him unattended
– as babies get older they start to become mobile and learn to pull themselves up, therefore a cot is ideal as you can adjust the heights of the base so that they can’t climb out of the bed
– a cot needs to be emptied of pillows, loose blankets and stuffed toys as they pose the risk of suffocation and overheating of your baby
– it is ideal to place baby in his cot from an early age so that they learn to self-soothe