What you’ll need or want for your new baby

Product Information

1x cot with mattress and breathable cover
1x cot bumper
1x compactum or trolley
1x drawer liners
1x changing matt
1x chest of drawers
1x feeding chair
1x feeding cushion
1x crib or moses basket with mattress and breathable cover
3x fitted sheets
1x pillow
1x sleep wedge
1x sleep positioner
2x storage containers
1x nappy stacker
1x humidifier
1x cot mobile
1x mozzie net
1x small cd player
1x nursery monitor
1x room thermometer
1x nappy bin
1x night light
1x set of baby clothes hangers
3x receiving blankets
2x swaddling blankets
1x summer/winter sleep sack
2x thermal blankets
1x duvet set
3x fluffy toys

1x pram
1x car seat
1x car seat mobile
1x head support for car seat
1x sun protection for windows
1x carry cot
1x sling
1x camp cot
1x carry pouch
1x nappy bag
1x thermal bag for bottles
1x sling for breast feeding in public

4x bottles
1x bottle brush
3x dummies
1x dummy sterilizer
1x dummy chain
4x bibs
2x plastic bibs with food catcher
6x burping cloths
1x plate and cutlery set
1x food and bottle warmer
1x high chair
1x breast pump
8x breastmilk storage containers
1x bottle sterilizing unit

Bath & Baby Care:-
4x bath toys
1x bath unit and stand
1x non-slip bath matt
1x bath seat
1x bath sponge
1x changing matt for bathroom
3x face cloths
3x hooded towels
1x bath thermometer
1x shampoo
1x body wash
1x body lotion
1x baby powder
1x baby jelly
1x cotton wool
1x earbuds
1x wipes
1x nail clipper set
1x toothbrush set
1x comb and brush
1x sunblock
1x bum cream
1x Bepanthen cream
1x nappy sacks
1x nappies
1x sterilising surface spray
1x baby washing powder
1x baby softener

1st Aid:-
1x nasal aspirator
1x thermometer
1x medicine dropper
4x re-hydrating powders
1x box teething powder
1x paracetemol-based pain killer
1x rescue remedy drops
1x saline nose drops
1x surgical spirits
1x gripe water
1x telement drops
1x dinky feeder
1x nebulizer

4x long sleeved vests for every size
4x short sleeved vests for every size
4x long sleeved & legged babygros for every size
4x short sleeved & legged babygros for every size
4x 2-piece sets
2x booties
2x socks
4x beanies
2x wooly hats
2x sunhats
2x jerseys for cooler days and winter
2x fleece outfit for winter
2x leggings

fridge lock
cupboard locks
door guards
plug covers
safety gates
bed guards

Happy shopping and packing!